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  Drowning in a sea of CO2 emissions

air pollution
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a potent greenhouse gas. Once it reaches the earth's upper atmosphere, each molecule remains active for at least a century. What this means is that the heating effect of today and tomorrow's CO2 emissions are added to all the emissions since around 1900 that have made it into the atmosphere.

The problem therefore is cumulative. Today's temperature increases are the legacy of extra carbon in the atmosphere from up to 30 years ago. The full impact of all the CO2 we've already pumped into the skies hasn't yet even been felt while the tens of billions more tons we will certainly add in the coming years pushes us into entirely unchartered climatic territory.

To get an idea of just how massive human influence is on the planet's atmosphere, have a look at the calculator below. Every second, another 761 tons of C02 is pumped out worldwide. It is difficult to countenance how we can continue to add this kind of heating into a 'closed' atmospheric system without seeing dramatic consequences.

Since loading this page metric tons of CO2 were emitted in
minutes and seconds.

C02 emissions globally: 761 tons per second 45,660 tons per minute
  2.73 million tons per hour 65.75 million tons per day
  460 million tons a week  

Our world in numbers
World Population
Current Earth population
Births this year
Births today  
deaths this year
deaths today  
Absolute population growth for today (births minus deaths)
forest loss (hectares) this year  
productive land loss through soil erosion (hectares) this year  
topsoil erosion from farmlands (metric tons) this year  
carbon dioxide (co2) emissions (metric tons) this year  
desert land formed due to mismanagement (acres) this year  
tons of live being's biological waste, total  
tons of caught fish in this year  
underweight children right now  
hungry people right now  
people who died of hunger today  
dollars, spent on dieting in the USA this year  
water consumed this year (billions litres)  
deaths for water related diseases this year  
people with no access to safe drinking water  
produced energy this year 1  
consumed energy this year 2  
consumed oil this year 3  
consumed coal this year 4  
solar energy striking Earth this year 5  
All figures are measured in metric tons, coal equivalent. At these rates, the world will produce and consume at the following energy levels this year (in metric tons of coal equivalents):
1) Energy Production: 11.9 billion
2) Energy Consumption: 11.2 billion
3) Oil consumption: 4.3 billion
4) Coal Consumption: 4.3 billion
5) Solar Energy Striking the Earth's Surface: 2,700 billion
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