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Can the hand that rocks the cradle save the world?
The future of the planet is an important but abstract issue for all of us, but the arrival of a new baby is probably the one event in all our lives which will make us really stop and take stock in relation to the protection of the world which the next generation will inherit.
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Water: waste not, want not
As our world becomes more and more populated, and with increasing numbers of people choosing to live near big urban areas, the task of providing a clean, safe and reliable supply of water is one which is going to cost each and every Irish householder dearly over the coming years...
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Why geothermal?
Mention the word ‘geothermal’ in civilised company these days and you are more than likely to be treated to a wide range of opinions and information on the merits, or otherwise, of installing a home heating system that takes heat from deep underneath the surface of the earth...
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Running on sunshine
When most of us think of solar panels, we think of warm sunny Continental climates rather than our own dull and rather damp Irish weather. However, the amount of solar energy reaching Ireland is roughly the same as other countries in Northern Europe...
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