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victoria white The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard  

victoria white Umbrella Action Day, Sunday June 15th  

gavin harte Gavin Harte, Sustainability v Unsustainability: the choice is ours  

davie philip Davie Philips - 'Cultivate' Sustainable Living & Learning Centre - On 'The Village' A sustainable development in Tipperary  

duncan stewart Green goes mainstream says Duncan Stewart  

ciaran cuffe Green Energy Fair 2008:
Ciaran Cuffe interview

john gormley Environment Minister John Gormley calls for Yes vote on Lisbon  

schneider Dr Steve Schneider, Stanford University, interviewed by Publisher, John Gibbons (May 2008)  

wolff Michael Zammit Cutajar, Malta's Ambassador for Climate Change, interviewed by Publisher, John Gibbons (March 2008)  

wolff Prof Wolfgang Lucht of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, interviewed by Publisher, John Gibbons (February 2008)  

wolff Dr Eric Wolff of the British Antarctic Survey,
interviewed by Publisher,
John Gibbons (January 2008)

cultivate debate

Three percent a year: how will Ireland cut emissions?
A video report from the debate involving all six political parties and chaired by Duncan Stewart in Dublin's Temple Bar (January 2008)

20% renewable energy by 2020

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Climate Change

Animals Save the Planet - Dog On Standby

Animals Save the Planet - Electric Eels

Animals Save the Planet - Elephant Shower

Animals Save the Planet - Gassy Cows

Animals Save the Planet - Leopards Hate Litter

Animals Save the Planet - Lions Recycle

Animals Save the Planet - Meerkat Traffic

Animals Save the Planet - Polar Bears Overheating

Animals Save the Planet - Romancing The Bag

Animals Save the Planet - Supermarket Bags

Blue man group sends a message on global warming

Breathe in, Breathe out (Greenpeace ad)

Camping at the edge of destruction (Greenpeace)

Climate change - A UK climate change TV advert

Climate change - A moral issue (Australia)

Climate Change - Bremner, Bird and Fortune (satire)

Climate Change and Justice - Mary Robinson

Climate friendly energy

Climate message in a bottle (Greenpeace)

Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on climate change

Electricity from all kinds of renewable sources

Ethical dimensions of climate change

Global Climate Change

Global dimming climate change - Part 1 (BBC)

Global dimming climate change - Part 2 (BBC)

Global dimming climate change - Part 3 (BBC)

Global dimming climate change - Part 4 (BBC)

Global Warming 101 – National Geographic

Global warming warning

Hawaii's Climate Crisis Sea Level Rise

'I need to Wake Up' (song from An Inconvenient Truth)

Imagine There's No Global Warming

Islands going under (Greenpeace)

Keep holding on (Music video on global warming)

Living with climate change

Marine Reserves - restoring the oceans (Greenpeace)

Maybe global warming won't affect me? (advert)

Naked protest on glacier (Greenpeace)

Namibia Green Energy

National Geographic - Catastropic Climate Change

Nobel winner on G8 and climate change (2008)

Sea Level Rise

Sir David Attenborough: The Truth About Climate Change

Solar Energy Basics for Your Home

The Climate Change Denial Industry

The Convenient Solution Greenpeace UK

The Greenhouse Effect

Time and Tuna running out (Greenpeace)

You Control Climate Change


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